SMTH Shapes is an established surfboard manufacturing company that prides itself on innovation and the manufacturing of premium quality surfboards. At the heart of SMTH is Jordy Smith, a renowned performer in the world of professional surfing and whose vision is to inspire future youth in intelligent surfboard design.

Jordy has played a huge part in developing various surfboard models throughout his career. As a grom, playing in his father’s factory, he showed a keen interest and dedication to the world or surfing and surfboard design. This led him to win his first U8 SA Championship in 1996 on his own-shaped board! Time has flown and now at the top of his game, Jordy Smith’s interests and influences find him back in the design and shaping bay.

On his path, Jordy Smith has also worked alongside many globally renowned shapers and has furthered his knowledge and craftsmanship especially with Chris Gallagher from Hawaii. He has matured in his designs and is always paying attention to finer details when adjusting and tuning the many characteristics of each surfboard model. Cutting files have become key in the world of shaping today, and this is where Jordy loves and looks forward to the challenge.

At SMTH shapes, we strive for perfection, versatility, and the use of our best craftsmanship, producing multiple shapes and styles from performance to mid-length boards.

Father and son duo, Graham and Jordy Smith are the sole owners of SMTH Shapes Int. With patented surf technology, CARBON T-BAR STRINGERS and their new INJECTION TECH which will be coming out of their South African based factory soon.