The Cracker model is a nip & tuck off one of my old school 70’s single fin that was hanging up in my garage. This classic 70’s design is what I rode and with the help of Jordy’s influence, we adjusted  outlines, rail and bottom contour curves to meet a modern fun with performance standards.   



This mid length Cracker has a good amount of  Vee  1/3 way up from the tail, which allows one to high trim down the line at high speeds. The Vee also helps rail to rail transitions with ease and control.

It’s natural rocker and  bottom configuration, single concave into double allows one to push hard off the bottom.

The outline is nothing new, apart from from Jordy’s suggestions of adjusting the rails and the tail template for tighter arcs off the face of the wave. 

Rail design is vital in this respect, so we have soften the tuck-under but left a defined speed-bead  running along the bottom and flowing into a hard edge in the tail for less drag.