Double Wing

Double Wing

This is probably one of the fastest boards in the entire line up. When you think about speed this double-wing craft is all you need to think about. Jordy & Gee have worked for decades on this design to make it fast and maneuverable with control. The design must fall under “fun- performance”, insists Jordy. 

The double wing configuration pulls in the tail pod for tighter turns, hacks, or snaps in the pocket. The nose entry has a standard medium rocker that flattens slightly through the middle with the volume pushed slightly forward to help glide over those flat sections. The added volume also helps to paddle into smaller solid 2 – 4 feet waves.

For the heaver surfers like Jordy, we have a down medium rail for better engagement, making the rail respond quicker. 

DW Pro has a narrower tail for more control at speeds.


Our Natural bottom curve offers a moderate entry rocker for quicker glide allowing water to flow through the deep concaves to generate speed and lift.

A deep performance single to slight double concave bottom that flows into a Vee.  This allows the board to roll over quicker from rail to rail.

Wider Outlines are becoming more common, especially in the nose area.  This benefits easier paddling into waves and helps you to take on those gutless days. The double wing feature adds a quicker response through maneuvers as they shorten and break the curve in the rail. This gives us two points to pivot off and straightens the rail giving us more drive as they engage.

This model carries hidden volume throughout its’ design. The down rolled coin rails are super forgiving and this allows for a better rail to rail transition making the rail responsive when laying it down.





Jordy Smith

 6’0 x 19 3/4 x 2 5/8 – 33.95L